Welcome to Lemon Caper!

A food blog focused on natural foods cooked up in a tiny urban kitchen in Chicago.

I previously posted under the blog title The Sweet Beet, initially started as an experiment to see if I really wanted to focus my energy on a  food blog. I have learned so much over the last few years that I feel like I’m finally ready for something a little more streamlined.

To my readers from the previous blog, thanks for following me here.  I hope to work on putting out my best recipes and photos and continuing to learn more about photography, design and the world of gastronomy.  I intend to transfer over my favorite posts from the old site before  it’s retired forever.

A bit about me:

I grew up in the Sonoran Desert, a land of  cacti, palm trees,  prickly pears, tamales and really, really good Margaritas (I swear I didn’t have one until I was legal). Even though I lived within a vibrant food culture, I ate a lot of terrible, prepackaged foods for most of my childhood (spam…hotdogs…Tang…) I am not ashamed to say that I come from a background of poverty and malnutrition.  My low-income childhood meant that meals came sporadically and often at the hands of charity. I learned early on how to scrape together a meal from donated food boxes filled with canned beans and powdered soup mixes.  I know what it’s like to go without, to truly feel hungry and that experience informs my writing (as well as the Margaritas).

I am incredibly lucky  that through a lot of hard work  I was able to complete a post-graduate degree. During my years in college I independently studied nutrition and natural foods and made radical changes to my lifestyle.  I have tried every major whole foods diet, from lacto-ovo vegetarian to vegan to raw vegan. My diet consists mostly of whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds with minimal animal products (oh, and the occasional really, really, good Margarita).  I do eat meat, but rarely and  only when grass-fed, organic, free range meat is available. I limit my consumption of dairy because I am one of those lactose-intolerant nerds who has to carry around lactase enzyme tablets if I want to enjoy an ice cream cone.

Otherwise, I consider myself an adventurous eater. I like bold, piquant flavors. I’m all about heat. I love garlic, blue cheese, smoked fish, limes, chilies. Hence the name, “Lemon Caper.” Fresh, bright and a little salty.

Nice to meet you.


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Very nice to me YOU….and for the record, although hardly malnourished, I did grow up drinking Tang 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing what you cook up. I admire your perseverance!

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