Summer Kale Salad

I’m starting to think I should just convert this blog to “salads only,” since I seem to only write about salads.

Sorry, guys.

As was previously mentioned, my tiny, third floor apartment overheats in the summer, so I’m keeping the oven off as much as possible. Plus, I’ve been going kind of nuts at the Farmer’s Market.

 My husband, Chris, flew off to Italy yesterday and he’s traipsing around Rome right now, as we speak, taking in the breathtaking sights in that ancient city. He’s there for a conference, but I can’t afford to join him and turn it into a vacation. So, I’m by lonesome for the next three weeks. I’m envious and a little sad, however three weeks to myself sounds kind of nice.


Me and my darling husband diverge on matters of taste, health and nutrition. He’s all about hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza and simple carbs in general, and I’m all quinoa, tofu, kombucha and complex carbs. One time, I tried to make him taste my favorite breakfast, warm Grape-nuts cereal with a faint drizzle of honey, and do you know what he said? He said, “It tastes like wood pulp.”

Then he went and ate a pizza.

 Meanwhile, I recently dropped 15lbs by eating low-carb vegetarian meals, cutting down on eating bread and upping my exercise routine. I’m hoping to drop some more while he’s away. In fact, this morning, the first morning as a lone girl in the city, I had a salad for breakfast. FOR BREAKFAST. It was amazing. You’ll find the recipe below, but here’s the gist: I took some kale, steamed it, chilled it and then took a grapefruit, cut it up, added blueberries and smoked almonds and made a simple dressing. Wow. I could feel the vitamins working their magic after the first bite.

Simple Summer Kale Salad

1 head of kale

1 grapefruit

½ cup fresh blueberries

¼ cup smoked almonds


Juice of 1 lemon

1-2 Tblsp olive oil

pinch salt and pepper

 Soak the kale in a tub of cold water for 20-30mins. This will loosen any grit stuck in the curly leaves. Rinse. Remove the thick stem in the middle of each kale leaf and chop the kale roughly. Steam in a large pot, on medium heat until just tender, about 3-5mins. Put the kale in the refrigerator until chilled. Cut the grapefruit into sections and combine with remaining ingredients. Toss with dressing and enjoy.



I love fresh salads, not only are they nutritious but it’s much easier to throw together a salad than to deal with prepping and cooking times.

It’s going to be a lazy summer around here. I’m okay with that. 

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5 thoughts on “Summer Kale Salad

  1. Riley says:

    I love kale and grapefruit salads! This looks great!

  2. Melissa says:

    A new use for kale! Can’t wait to try it out!

  3. Lisa says:

    I love salads and while I use the oven frequently to cook up chicken, I do it in batches at a time, let it cool, and then make my salads. Usually they are just chicken, vegetables, and some type of dressing which I then add to a bag of some type of leafy green to make it last longer. They’re pretty simple … nothing nearly as exquisite as yours, but this Summer Kale Salad looks so good, I just might try it. By the way, I am an acquaintance of Sarah’s who raves about your cooking and your blog. I must admit, it is quite good. Well written, nice layout, and beautiful photos. I asked Sarah if you had ever thought about opening a restaurant and she laughed.

    • Lemon Caper says:

      Hi Lisa, I’m glad you decided to stop by and check out my blog. Thank you for your kind compliments. You know, I have thought of going into the restaurant business. I’m keeping it on the back burner for now, but maybe someday I’ll consider it in earnest. I hope you keep visiting and if you see something you like here, please don’t hesitate to share!

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