Monthly Archives: March 2013

Where Has the Time Gone?

Do you ever have those days when you’re really excited that you finally have the energy to get things done, and you plan on updating your food blog and taking gorgeous pictures of your latests culinary creations, and then something manages to come along and screw everything up? My something is a “winter storm watch,” even though we officially ended winter last Wednesday. Thanks, Chicago.

I had planned to write about sardines. I recently learned that I love them and that you shouldn’t believe all of the horrible things people say about them. But I think I should save that for another day, because I wasn’t able to take any nice pictures of sardines in the gloomy light, and I don’t own any professional style photography lights. So here is picture of my lunch, whole wheat sourdough bread, edamame hummus, cherry tomatoes and cucumber.


I have disappeared from this blog for the past three months because, as I warned in the last post, I’m currently gestating another human being. He is nearly six months along now and baking up pretty nicely. In three and a half months, I’m going to have a little one ┬áto call my own. Everything in my life is now in flux.

I moved to Hyde Park, aka “The President’s ‘Hood.” The move ended my torturous commute and I am happy to report that I walk to work every morning with a spring in my step. I still live in a teeny tiny apartment. But it’s not a big adjustment as I’m no stranger to small spaces.


Today I was on a super nesting binge and not only scrubbed my apartment from top to bottom, but also got around to doing a little decorating.


Here’s my tiny kitchen. See what I have to work with? I’m determine to make the best of the space I do have, but I’m pretty limited with what I can cook in this toy sized kitchenette. Someday, I might actually have a real kitchen, but for now, this is it.

And with that, I shall take my leave. My little plum is starting to kick furiously and I really should finish up my lunch. Until next time!