Originally from Phoenix, Az but residing in Chicago since 2009, I’m still discovering this massive, intricate city. I have some professional kitchen experience, but mostly I’m an amateur working in a teeny tiny kitchenette.

Here’s my personal food philosophy:

Food should be nourishing in every way, it should provide power and energy for the body, aesthetic pleasure for the eye and comfort for the soul.  As a student of the humanities, I try to find beauty in the mundane. I look at a sliced red onion and I see a masterpiece. A pillowy meringue, with it’s delicate, soft folds reminds me of sculpture.  Cooking and eating are art forms unto themselves and I never tire of learning about how food influences culture.

I call this blog Lemon Caper because I think that sums up my feelings on food and aesthetic pleasure. Bright, citrus-y yellow and briny brown-green. Peppery, zesty and a little salty.

Nice to meet you.


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2 thoughts on “About

  1. NIce to meet you too Ms. Lemon Caper.

    Your first sentence in the Strawberry Matcha Daifuku post caught my attention. I also love Japan specially its culture, the arts and its ability to maintain the balance between the past and future.

    Well, that’s it for now. I’ll drop by again.

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